Friendship Partner

For many years, Briarwood Church has participated in the "Friendship Partners" Program. This unique program allows for an ongoing relationship between an international student or scholar and a person/family from the Briarwood Church community.

The program allows for an incredible opportunity for cultural exchange and to develop a friendship with someone in America. The partnerships usually include the American volunteer inviting his or her international friend to their home for a special visit or meal, as well as other outings around town. The goal is for the American and international to make contact with each other two times per month

"Briarwood has a wonderful Friendship Partner program. I have had the pleasure of having a wonderful family, who have been just like my guardians and friends here. I have learned a lot about the American culture and traditions from them, and they have always been there for me."

                - International Student



If you are a student interested in developing a relationship with a Briarwood member/family,

please email UAB BIO

Student President Grace Tang at

or call us at 205-776-5404

"My entire family has enjoyed getting to know our students from India. We have done things like go to the zoo, have them over for Thanksgiving, attend a concert and go to their home for a home-cooked Indian meal (which even the kids loved!)"

                     - American Family


If you are an American interested in being a partner, please contact Friendship Partner Director

Caroline Brown at 205-776-5343

or e-mail her at